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Law of Attraction

You are a master manifestor. Everything is working out for you! 🙏😃❤️🌈💯

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I AM Affirmations

The thoughts you think - create the life you live. 🙏😃❤️🌈💯

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Always Believe...

Something good is about to happen!

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Everything Is...

Everything Is Always Working Out For Me!

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Dream. Believe. Manifest. Repeat.The Law of attraction in action.  🙏😃❤️🌈💯

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  • Bonnie Burton

    "Andy's mugs are more than just coffee cups; they're daily reminders of positivity and thoughtful art. Perfect for morning inspiration and gifting!"

  • Joanna Skapura

    "I received my mugs a few days ago...LOVING THEM ... and I'm looking forward to my family and friends getting a kick out of them as well!"

  • Katie Tarlin

    "These coffee mugs are my daily dose of positivity! What a fantastic way to start the day! The T-shirts and hoodies rock too!"

Photo of Andy Dooley

About Andy

I love everything: metaphysics, meditation, and manifesting.

Creating art has been my passion since I was four years old - and I'm still that same kid at heart today.

After creating a successful t-shirt business with my Mother and brother (TUT.COM), I became a professional speaker, author, and mindset coach and moved to Colorado.

In the uncertainty during COVID-19, I felt a strong calling to provide emotional support to my community. My artwork and videos (TikTok, YouTube) became a beacon of positivity, aiming to uplift spirits and offer a source of comfort.

A client requested one of my designs on a coffee mug! This started a new business creating inspirational and funny novelty gifts for spiritual woo-woo people.

Namaste, Andy